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Player Information

Name: Britt
Personal Journal: [personal profile] sugarrushing
Age: 22
Contact Info: [personal profile] sugarrushing
Other Characters Played: Also apping [OU] Anise Tatlin

Character Information

Character Name: Republic of Seychelles
Character Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character Age: Old as balls. Except she looks maybe fourteen or fifteen.
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: 1812, after Sullivan resigns and runs back home with his tail between his legs.
Background Link: Seychelles - Hetalia Wiki | History of Seychelles
Personality: Labeling Seychelles as a "people-person" would be a bit of an understatement. She's very interested in meeting new people (and making people aware of the fact that Seychelles does exist, and it's quite a nice place, thank you very much) and enjoys making friends. She believes that variety is the spice of life and gets bored if she has to stick around with simply one person for too long. This may be because of her relative isolation - in her early years she had little to no contact with other nations and fell back on getting acquainted with the humans to keep herself from getting lonely... as such, she came to expect the many differences that humanity has to offer. In return for people keeping her entertained, though, she is extremely loyal to them and will do what she can to make them happy.

She babbles a lot, and loves to get others involved in long, drawn-out conversations on any topic they can think of. She's highly energetic and determined not to be boring or to find herself bored, so spending time with her is a good way to keep yourself entertained (or tire yourself out if you're suffering from insomnia!). She remembers little details that she learns in conversations with people and uses them to make things more interesting when she sees them again, because she doesn't find things as fun when people think she's forgotten things about them. Her attention to detail, however, often causes her to overlook the big picture.

She is a bit of a "country girl," finding herself overwhelmed in large, complicated places, and trusts people - maybe a little too easily. She sometimes finds herself being tricked by someone and only realizing that something wasn't right after the fact. Sometimes, though, she discovers that she's being tricked midway through (in which case the person in question will want to put as much distance between them as possible). She doesn't really hold grudges unless someone's done something really terrible to her, but she does have a temper (she blows up and burns out quickly), and she will usually come up with some sort of unflattering nickname for someone who's annoyed her, which she'll use more often than their real name.

She depends on others for a lot of things. She can cook if there's someone there to walk her through it, but finds herself making silly mistakes or misplacing ingredients when she cooks on her own, causing her handmade dishes to be rather disconcerting when one looks at them. She needs help just to afford living - the cost of living is way too high...! - and often gets this help by playing up her "helpless little girl" persona. If life as a colony so far has taught her anything, it's that you get really good things when the person in charge thinks that it's solely their help that can make your life better. She does sometimes feel guilty for this, but whenever she tries to show that she doesn't need help she usually lands herself in a situation where someone needs to rescue her.

As much as she doesn't like to admit it, the people who have ruled over her in the past have rubbed off on her. It's likely due to France that she isn't too fussed about accidentally showing too much skin, for example, and her time under England's rule taught her that sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, and if she really wants something she should go out and take it.

She never grew out of the childish "pick-on-the-person-you-like" mentality, which manifests itself in two ways. When it comes to platonic relationships, she'll be much less formal and will gently tease people she likes; when it comes to romance, she often finds herself lashing out and yelling at people. She's immature, and can't easily come to grips with liking someone, so she tends to dismiss her feelings as "being sick" or "spending too much time in the sun." She can come off as dense, but really, she's just afraid of being rejected.
Abilities: As the personification of the nation of Seychelles, she's incredibly resilient. If her nation is never dissolved, she'll essentially be able to live forever and can recover from most injuries that will kill a human.

She also seems to be able to produce fish from out of nowhere.

In all seriousness, she's a really good swimmer. She swims like a fish. Just, she doesn't get eaten by sharks. Also, she has a very strong knowledge base when it comes to marine animals.
Sample Entry: iPhones are witchcraft

This app was shamelessly ganked from my old account from two years ago that I can't remember the password to so ... yeah.


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